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This blog has been created to think about the diversified

life and experience that one can have. Life is full of moments, hard work, new opportunities and feelings that we share.

This blog won't be just one more about fashion, music, food, travel or lifestyle or Barcelona. In the end, for a complete life, one need to experience and explore the world around him.


Keilley Lee Marques is a jewelery designer who has her own company KLeeOfficial based in Barcelona Spain. Originally from Brazil, licenced in arts and with a degree in Jewelery and also in Gestion and Creación de Emprensa.


Keilley is also a former volleyball player married to Lubos Barton, retired professional basketball player born in Czech republic and with 2 beautiful children, age 6 and 4.She has gained experience through her lifestyle, her travels and constant changes of cities throughout Europe.


In love with fashion, food, travel, mental and physical health and the desire to live and to discover new trends or rediscover the forgotten ones.

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