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Tenerife in December!!

Bienvenido a la isla de Tenerife.

Welcome to the Tenerife island! Do you want to escape cold weather in the middle of winter? Anyone?


Tenerife is an island in the Atlantic ocean that offers a thousand different experiences within its limited space, panoramic view of the beach and mountains and every corner of the island has a different climate. You can find not only different climate but also different vegatiation, obviously due to temperature changes and even the amount of rain fall.

You can get lost in many natural landmarks like going up to Teide (the tallest peak of volcanic origin, just like the rest of the island), you can just stay on the beach and relax, you can stay in town and do some shopping and enjoy some really good local fish.

I made the trip with my two kids to see my husband coach his team Under 18 in the local tournament. We travelled from Barcelona with Vueling, in unusually easy and relaxed flight that was on time. I made a reservation (by Airbn) to stay in one of the apartments outside of the city, called Candelaria. I was a bit nervious, since i didn't know what to expect and the presence of my kids added a bit more stress as well. But the price was 45 euros per night, which made a bit easier to put up with some troubles. Our apartment was about 20 minutes away from Santa Cruz so I knew that we needed some kind of transportation, so renting a car was the best option for the occasion. I was surprised to be able to rent an automatic Mercedes GLA for a total of 158 euros, with Autos Plus Car.

The first day we started late and slept in, walked around close where we were staying. It's important to recharge the bateries after a travel and be able to get situated. I found a good spot to have breakfast and then we went to the city to see FC Barcelona's first game of the tournament.

On Friday we went to the second game in Santa Cruz and from there we went to PARQUE NACIONAL DEL TEIDE.


It took us about 1 hour and a half without much traffic, but at the same time, I doubt that Canarias knows what the real traffic is. Still , the trip was breathtaking and we wanted (and did) to make many stops along the way to make some nice pictures, even from the road and sometimes from the moving car.


The third highest volcano in the world.

At 3,718m high, the Teide volcano is the highest peak in Spain. Its two ecosystems make its ascent an experience full of contrasts. In addition, it has guide services for those who want to deepen their knowledge and a mountain refuge to enjoy the wonderful views of the sunrise. we did not need to walk around for us was great experince. (HERITAGE HERITAGE). (PATRIMONIOS DE LA HUMANIDAD).

On Saturday, i took the kids to see whales, just offshore the island. Its temperature, deep waters and its sea life, attracts the whales and you can be pretty sure to see them around, any time of the year.

I always think that it is the best for my children to see the natural habitat of the animals. ZOO is nice but animals are being held captive.

The southwest coast of the island is a perfect area and privileged place to see whales in freedom. Not far from its coast you can find up to 26 different species of cetaceans: rorquals, dolphins, killer whales and even blue whales.

We had this amazing catamaran, Luxurious trip in Freebird One in 4.5 hours along the coast of Masca. Whale and dolphin watching and view of the cliffs of Los Gigantes. It Was awsome !!

I knew that Sunday would be reserved for the final game of the basketball tournament, so after the catamaram i took the kids with me to "Playa de la Tejita"

The little treasure of the island

Together with the beach of El Médano, for the protected natural area of Montaña Roja, we find a small treasure of the island of Tenerife: La Tejita. An extensive 1km long beach with fine blond sand and isolated from the urban environment, ideal to spend a relaxing day on the beach alone or with your family.


We coming early to say hello to my husband at Santa Cruz, he had some free time, so we went to the beach La playa de Las Teresitas.

It is the most known beach in the area, and it is only 5 minutes away from Santa Cruz. But harsh wind and lack of sunshine made us retreat back to the city and look for a cozy place to eat. We decided to visit restaurant Baobab which is located in Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso, 30, 38003 Santa Cruz de Tenerife. The food was great, is a lot of restaurante around over there, many choices.

With few hours to spare and being tired, we parted ways and we all went back to the apartament (my husband went to his hotel) to take a nap and get ready to see the final game.

Oh yeah!! What a wonderful ending to this trip like Barca beating their archenemy Real Madrid to win the tournament. My daughter was frentically screaming "Barca, Barca"!

Proud Moment to all of us. Because we are a baskteball family and in that point we will be always. #basketballneverstops

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