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Not a just beautiful face but a great soul too!!

When most of the people are using Instagram to promote themselves and taking advantage of the fashion industry, Sky promotes the equality and equilibrium of food to everyone.

Sky, model

Sky is a guy Who believes the idea of regular people taking action on issues is the name of the game these days. Also you can be beleted to see his work as model and get some inspired with his great text or quotes. For exemple:

"Yellow green pastures with purposes great and small. Who make something out of nothing, to do anything at all. And when they reach their lofty destination turned toward the sky, they looked into my soul and reminded me of why. how i came to be and where i want to go. what i am to do here and when i have to grow."

Sky is a model man, not just a beautiful face and body, but with amazing soul and example of human being, useing his isntagram to inmost of his fellows know exactly where to find the inspiration and pay the attetion is the beautiful and amazing quotes, not just pictures. Like a inspiration for all of us, he brings the integrity that a human should have been and keep reminding us how you are willing to live by your standards and beliefs even when no one is watching. Choose to live so that your thoughts and behavior are always in harmony ...

Sky says in another quotes; _Nothing will get fixed if we wait on the old power systems in place. It’s time to make them absolute through our collective intelligence and capacity to self-organize around solving inequality, hunger, disease, and scarcity. The biggest shift I work on is shifting the energy-communication-logistics matrix from ownership to access.

He is the founder and Chief Innovation Officer of SkyFarms; a Farm-to-fork community that focuses on sharing open source, peer-peer space, technology and information to turn empty places into urban farms.

Sky farm is a company dedicate to Sustainable, Local Food Freedom.

1. Increase awareness of sustainable options. 2. Build collaboration for advancement of energy-communication-logistics matrix. 3. Create access for local food production. 4. Provide inspiration, information and incentives for public and private partnerships that ensure long-term prosperity for people and the planet.

Some question for this amaizing soul?

1 Sustainyable, Local Food Freedom. Building A Food Democracy, do you believe that it is possible today?

Sky _In the current paradigm it’s not possible until it’s profitable. The agtech market is a $80B market now with big players like Kimbal Musk, Amazon jumping in. Today there is a great push to democratize the enterprise through circular- green-collaborative economy as we witness the old industrial systems failing through being unsustainable. Additionally, the consilience of sciences and technology have given us the first opportunity in history to achieve this!

2 how is use your image for a idea thats is not rentable, have you lose work a model because of that?

Sky _I’ve shifted out of modeling to focus on using my 20yrs of contacts, entertainment, media, branding and advertising expertise on what I originally studied growing up and that is how to design the energy-communication-logistics matrix to be more socially accountable and sustainably innovative. It’s a more valuable use of my resources.

3 when coming up with this idea, did someone inspired you, how did you start to thinking about this?

Sky _My family and close friends are all mostly living off grid, collecting their own solar energy, growing food, catching rain water and using tech and materials to extend their maximum yield as nature does. It’s in my blood. But it didn’t really kick in until I was in LA being introduced to NASA agtech to grow anywhere and anytime. I knew it was the time to bring off grid into the urban area so we could transform into smart cities that take care of all our human rights and basic needs.

4 how do you see the future of Future of Food?

Sky _The future of food is in our hands now we have the technology to grow vertical and through soilless mediums, conserving space, time, energy, water and getting the power of growing in everyone’s hands, particularly our posterity.

5 Who is this program sky farm meant for?

Sky _Our market is large enough to encompass everyone who likes fresh, healthy food, but also niche enough for environmentalist, locavores, vegans, yogis, techies, farm-to-table Millennials and urbanites.

6 your favourite quote or text?

Sky _To this day my hero Buckminster Fuller’s words are engrained in me, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.” The reptilian response in our brain wants to fight or flee a system, but the Neo-Cortex (our free agency to imagine, dream and grow) allows us to integrate and evolve beyond fight or flight, allowing us to bring any new system in our lives individually and collectively.

Thank you Sky, for your collaboration in my blog, your a inspiration!!!!

P.S. Reasons to get involved today in an accessible, inclusive, lateral, DIY, peer-to-peer approach to growing food will:

1. Supply a growing world population 2. Support local economies and farmers 3. Sustain healthier lives 4. Reduce hunger and poverty 5. Decease fossil fuel dependency 6. Conserve and manage precious resources of water, time, space, and energy 7. Minimize pollution and planetary damage

By Keilley Lee Marques

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