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Buenos Aires Grill

It's the time of the year that you are absolutely tired of being inside, being tired of cold weather and windy and rainy cast. The winter seems to take longer each year.


Everyone welcomes the sunshine with open arms and I absolutely love to spend time outside.

Buenos Aires Grill

One of my favorite place to go is Sitges, a nice cozy town on the mediterean sea, south of Barcelona. It has a unique climate, micro climate, that is a bit different from surroundings.

Many times it was cloudy in Barcelona but the skies were clear in Sitges.

I have been going there for the past ten years and my number one place to eat there is Buenos Aires Grill. It's a argetinian type of restaurant with a great selection of meats and other products.

BA Grill is located right at the beach of San Sebastian plaza, northern part of Sitges. People always like to sit and eat outside, with an amazing view of the beach and the sea. Little breeze that passes through makes an unique experience, great combination between dining and relaxation.

For those who are not a huge fan of meat cousine, there is good news here too. Buenos Aires Grill is just one of the 3 restaurants, connected to each other. Right next door, there is a italian style restaurant, Ragazzi, and also a Sushi place. Therefore, if you want, you can sit down in any of these three restaurants and order from all 3 menus at the same time. It doesn't get more flexible than this.

I love to come to Sitges and spend here the entire afternoon, go around the port with my family, stay on the beach for few hours, and even go in the water, which is a lot cleaner than in the beaches of Barcelona. We make sure that dining in Buenos Aires grill is in our plans, because you can't fully enjoy your stay in Sitges if you don't eat well.

Five years ago, Buenos Aires Grill opened another restaurant in the center of Barcelona, located in C/Valencia with C/Aribau. That's where we got really spoiled and whenever we want to have a best kind of steak, we don't always have to go to Sitges.

And it's not only their product of meats and their selection of wines that makes it a special place to go.

It's the service, hospitality and warm welcome of their staff that makes it a great experience.

All the people that we brought with us to this place, they keep coming back. That's how the best restaurants operate and that's the way Buenos Aires Grill has its place in the dining business.

By Keilley Lee Marques

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