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One of the fastest growing and maybe the most popular tourist area in Barcelona is La Barceloneta. Located in the port of the city, Port Vell, it's very accessible to the tourists visiting the catalan capital.

Port Vell is one of the oldest parts of Barcelona, but in the past 15 years, it has been a great place for the new venues, such as new restaurants, bars, shops, hotels and other special places with variety of flavours.

One of the venues is Zumito, a Brazilian type of place that features healthy and fresh food and drinks. It has a modest space but very well decorated and you can feel the freshness just by sitting down at their tables and seeing the decoration.

With their menu, la carta, you can conquer your hunger or thirst by ordering any type of sandwiches or a Acai Bowl, their specialty that is very hard to find anywhere else. Many different juices and smoothies will take care of your fatigue and it will cool you down a bit during the hot days of the summer.

They will always ask you, if you prefer your drinks with or without sugar, since we all know the effect and the difference. The choice is there to be made.

Another 'goodie' is the fact that you can go online and order from there, in a language you prefer. I would assume that people wouldn't mind of going to the port and going the Zumito, but if you work in the center and you have only 45 minutes to eat during your lunch break, ordering a take-out sounds like a great option. Like I said, it is a service more for the locals.


As far as pricing, in my opinion, it is not cheap but you definitely get worth of what you pay for. If you look around and visit other places (for sure none of them will be like Zumito), the price range is very similar everywhere.

You are in the touristic zone of Barcelona, you can't expect anything cheap, especially from the venue that sells fresh and healthy food and drinks.

So, please, next time you are walking around La Barceloneta and you have a glorious view of W Hotel, remember there is a very nice and cozy spot that will serve you well - ZUMITO!

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