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“Become a Crystal Angel”

Crystal Angels is an artistic proposal aimed at people who love Swarovski crystals, beauty and glamour. The artist Valérie Brusauro, Diva Art, proposes a unique series of portraits that mix art and jewellery.

Valérie Brusauro, Diva Art

A unique concept Valérie Brusauro, who promotes her work under the pseudonym Diva, is known in the world of art and luxury goods for her unique creations with Swarovski crystals. With over 15 years of experience creating exclusive works of art for VIP clients and prestigious brands, Valérie has embarked on this new project with the desire to innovate and surprise

Valérie has invited the photographer Iván Grey, with whom she has collaborated since 2015, to accompany her in a new adventure.

The two artists have decided to create an exclusive artwork of epic proportions made up of 88 portraits of women. The final work will be a representation of our universe as perceived by the naked eye and the 88 constellations that cover the night sky.

Inspired by Victoria's Secret Angels, Valérie and Ivan will create 88 Crystal Angels.

88 Crystal Angels 88 women for the 88 constellations covering the sky. 88 women who represent glamour, elegance and femininity.

Each Crystal Angel will be associated with a constellation and will bear its name. These 88 beauties, shining together, will represent universal beauty. Women who represent a generation of free women who have left behind the old ways; women who are independent, dreamers and fighters.

Women who like to look beautiful and enjoy their beauty Crystal Angels exhibition and the Crystal Universe

With the authorization of the model, their image will be used as part of the final gigantic artwork.

Along with 87 others, her portrait will form part of the representation of the universe as perceived by the naked eye, and its constellations. Your image will be associated with a constellation that will bear your name. A unique opportunity for a wonderful experience to form part of a monumental work that will pay homage to beauty and life.

The creative process

Candidates will first have to answer to some questions to allow the artists to get an impression of their personality. Secondly, before the photo session, a brunch will be organized in one of the most emblematic restaurants in the city.

The desire is that this will be a unique moment where the artists and the model can talk and get to know each other.

At a later date, photoshoots will take place in Grey's studio, perfectly equipped for portrait sessions, with a team of renowned makeup artists and professional hairdressers. In a personalized atmosphere created especially for her, the model will be able to freely express herself in front of the camera in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

Models will then be able to partake in the selection of the final photo on which the portrait will be based, the photo that Valerie will use to transform the model into an angel of crystal and light. The deadline for completion and delivery of final artworks will be 3 months.


For each portrait ordered, part of the money is destined to support the foundations who defends young girls rights all around the world. More than an artistic project, the Crystal Angels purpose is to help people and especially young women who are suferrring violence, forced marriage, or mutilation.

Be a Part of this Beautiful Project

To become a Crystal Angel please contact directly Valérie

The final artwork is a unique piece and have a size of 110 cm x 80 cm Mix mixed media print on Canson Infinity of hight definition with an handmade application of 1000 crystals from the Swarovski Colors & Effects range.. The artwork is sold with its certificate of authenticity and signed by the two artists.

On this new artistic adventure Valérie has invited her collaborator Ivan Grey, a fashion photographer with whom she shares this artistic vision. “Our meeting was magical, an instant connection in which we quickly realised that we shared the same love of beauty and art”.

Valérie and Ivan are both very creative and open personalities and this allows them to connect and be close with the models they portray.

“We are passionate about discovering people and bringing to light their inner selves and the beauty of their souls”.

Valérie Brusauro and Ivan Grey, in the creation of Crystal Angels, express themselves through the true universal language of beauty and light.

Valérie Brusauro and Ivan Grey are the founders of the Crystal Angels project conceived in Barcelona where the two artists met in 2015.

The fusion of these two personalities and talents resulted in the creation of this truly unprecedented artistic concept.

“Love is a taste, but for us the creation of beauty is art “

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