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080 Fashion Week in Barcelona

Catalan fashion presented the 23rd edition of its most important event, the 080 week of fashion in Barcelona, ​​which visited the modernist site of Sant Pau in glamor from February 4 to 7.

The also called 080 Barcelona Fashion is the benchmark in Barcelona and a classic in the city that this year also marked the local and global trend with the collections of Spanish and foreign designers.

But before talking about the best of this event, I want to tell you a little about what it is and what its essence is.

What is the 080 Barcelona Fashion?

The 080 week of fashion in Barcelona was born in 2007 with the aim of becoming a fashion reference and a platform for independent designers. This catwalk is inspired by creativity and innovation and is a reflection of Catalan and world fashion.

This event aims to turn Barcelona into a global showcase and an unmissable event for design lovers. Since its first edition, fashion week in Barcelona has been improving and today is a catwalk showcasing that creative and open fashion.

The designers of the 080 Barcelona Fashion 2019

As every year, in this edition the emerging designers had great prominence, on the catwalk three new fashion talents were launched. One of them was the signature 113 Maison, a proposal that presents its own look away from the patterns with an organic and artisan fashion.

In the same way first came Teo & Leah company known for its elegant informal design style and young designer Rubén Galarreta beaten with its colorful and exuberant collection that already captivated artists like Lady Gaga.

The entrance door also featured renowned designers such as Miriam Ponsa, Zé García, Agnés Sunyer, Costo Barcelona, ​​Menchén Tomás, Antonio Miró and Sita Murt, a total of more than 30 design professionals filled with Modernista Sant Pau fashion .


In addition, this was one of the most international editions since the event received four foreign designers: The CHULAAP South African company with its inspired by oriental motifs and African prints, Umit Benan and his particular style of narrative projects, the Colombian Carlos discreet with his collection "Migrations" and the Peruvian Esau Yori, accompanied by its autumn-winter line.

Fashion week in Barcelona: my favorite styles 080 Barelona Fashion Week catwalk was full of interesting collections, attracted a lot of attention foreign cultures inspirations, purely conceptual designs and sports gear and technology.

Ze García: The new collection by Ze García, entitled Origen, was one of my favorites for its Baroque inspiration with a contemporary touch. José María García González, designer and creator of the brand played with materials such as satin, tulle and silk clothes inspired by Rose Bertin, Minister Marie Antoinette fashion. Volumes on the sleeves define the tone, as well as loose necklines with pleats, shoulder pads and corsets.

113 Maison: this collection conveys the essence of the 080 Barcelona Fashion, drawings with a defined artistic identity, pieces made by hand with natural fabrics in white, gray and black.

Definitely, this set of large size pieces was the best and I hope to see them next year.

Cost Barcelona: Cost Barcelona presented its Aftersun spring-summer collection inspired by summer nights.

The tops were the protagonists of the parade, accompanied by skirts and pants, as well as the dresses and bodies, which despite being different from the designs of the brand follow the Custo genetics.

The news of fashion week 080 in Barcelona

This edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion brought with it some innovations that made the experience even better, including:

Pop Ups Gallery: It was a new experimental space for the special public, where fashion brands exhibited their products as in an art gallery, accompanied by audiovisual projections and different djs.

Undress your mind: The new motto of the brand "Undress your mind" was created with the idea of ​​abandoning the imposed conventions and opening up to the most creative fashion.

This new motto is accompanied by a "claim" or claim that corresponds to a penguin, the animal that is forced to always wear a tuxedo. With all this, they tried to convey the idea of ​​liberation and openness to encourage people to show their personality through clothing.

In addition, this edition also featured a fashion showroom and headquarters at the Barcelona Fashion Summit.

Each new edition of the 080 Barcelona Fashion is an opportunity to learn about new trends at first hand with the best fashion professionals, an opportunity worth taking advantage of.

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