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The higher the better. It is more a question of attitude.

"You need to believe in yourself and what you do. Be tenacious and genuine. Christian Louboutin " He fell in love with a poster whose protagonist was a shoe and, in a way, it all started there. He worked at the Follies Berger and also, as a freelance designer until, at the beginning of the 90s, he launched his own firm and became the French shoemaker of impossible heels with red soles. From then on, everything was growing and gaining notoriety, yielding feminine will everywhere. Last Wednesday he was in Barcelona for the grand opening party of his first store, on Passeig de Gràcia, which opened in March 2018.

It would be too easy to think that Christian Louboutin, designer of luxury shoes, is as haughty as his coveted red-soled stilettos, which elevate the most daring up to 12 centimeters off the ground. Nothing could be further from the truth. The French designer is a kind, simple man and who loves to talk. "I never dreamed of being a great designer. My goal was only to do beautiful things. " He grew up surrounded by women, with three older sisters and a very present mother, and he has always felt very comfortable in the company of women. In addition, he affirms that women also feel comfortable with their company. It is a matter of admiration, surely mutual. Although some may think otherwise, because the height and shape of stilettos does not convince all of them, Louboutin says he designs shoes to empower women. He feels wonderful the power that have a pair of heels to enhance a style, a silhouette. "Shoes can change a woman's way of walking, the way she moves, they can create magic, illusion and desire, and those are the things I love," she says. At less than 12 centimeters, Christian Louboutin is a down-to-earth designer but also a visionary.

He knows that his heels rub against the impossible but he defends the sophistication on the naturalness and in that field the heels always win, especially if they have the red sole, moreover, Louboutin says that there are not high heels ...

" High heels are pleasure with pain. "

He is currently considered one of the most important shoe designers in the world. "The higher the better. It is more a question of attitude. The high heels empower the woman in a certain way. "

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