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Discover the charms of Iceland!

 Volcanic landscapes, glaciers and spectacular waterfalls attract tourists from all over

 the world, but Iceland is much more, join me to explore it and discover its


 Let's start in Reykjavik, capital of Iceland with endless alternatives to enjoy.

 The most populous city is also the most entertaining, offers many options

 Adventure, culture and history.

 Here we go!  The following are recommendations for you looking for a few days

 of relaxation, that you want to get into Icelandic culture, get to know places

 entertaining that will leave you beautiful memories, attentive we will meet

 Reykjavik Iceland.

Stay at the Borg By Keahotels hotel!

It is the ideal hotel for your time in Iceland, it combines comfort, quality and also. It has the best location.

I recommend it 100%, it is an atmosphere full of romanticism and offers you a great variety of services, for example, you will have access to free wifi, so you will be always connected with the rest of the world.Take advantage of the hotel reception open 24 hours, excellent if you want Change currencies, you can also relax and enjoy saunas and the bar is great.

One of the main attraction of the capital of Iceland is the Harpa Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Center and is located just 0.5 km from the Borg hotel. A huge structure that reflects the sky and the sea, but also the hectic life from the city. 

Its amazing design was inspired by the Northern Lights.

Don't stop trying the food

Part of all vacation matters is to know new dishes, culture gastronomy of each country, so while you're in Reykjavik you can't leave.

Try the dishes with more demand in the capital of Iceland. The oysters!  from another world in Fiskmarkadurinn - The Fish Market, Snaps Bistro Bar or Harry's.

Walk the central Reykjavik area There is no better way to know a city than to walk its streets. I recommend:

Do not miss the opportunity to tour the central area of ​​Reykjavik.

 When you leave the church Hallgrímskirja walk a few meters and then you will be in

middle of the most commercial streets, Bankastræti, Austurstræti, Lækjargata and Skólavörðustígur, Laugavegur. Laugavegur is a street full of bars, restaurants and shops, take your time and turn it upside down.

 One of the most emblematic places of Reykjavik is the Austurvöllur square, you can see the locals having a drink or just walking their spaces. Another emblematic and worth visiting neighborhood is Pingholtin or Barrio de los Dioses, a residential area located between the church and the pond of the capital.

 You will stumble upon streets with recognized names and they were baptized

 under Norse mythology.

 For example, don't stop taking a selfie on Odin Street or Thor Street, maybe you prefer to have a memory on the path of Loki.

 Whales and Souvenir in Reykjavik's Old Port and while you walk through picturesque streets and create memories through photographs you. I recommend heading to Reykjavik's Old Port, the perfect place to get closer to the marine culture of Iceland.

Reykjavik's Old Port

Book a whale watching tour, an experience that doesn't have waste and not only to see whales, dolphins and puffins are also protagonists in the waters of this area of ​​the capital. After falling in love with Iceland's marine life, why not look for souvenirs in the second-hand market of Kolaportó ?, you will find a great variety of interesting products for gifts from family and friends.

 In addition, in this beautiful site you can try local delicacies.  You can't leave market without eating a seafood cocktail, 100% recommended, don't you will regret it and your palate will thank you.

 The nightlife starts early in the capital of Iceland the nightlife is quite attractive, the party begins from early and ends the next day also very early. Cafes open their doors from 1 in the morning, from Sunday to Thursday, while Friday and Saturday bars, restaurants and nightclubs they remain open until 5 in the morning.

It's easy to find a bar with live music and entertainment options for tourists there are multiple, cabaret performances, opera, musicals, in short, you have to choose.

Reykjavik, the beautiful capital of Iceland, offers you a lot of options to enjoy, get to know a new culture and visit really lovely places ...

 Fall in love with Iceland and create memories for a lifetime!

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