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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

To anyone who noticed my recent 4-month inactivity on my Instagram.

They shot me down, but it was all my mistake!

I have been verified on my FaceBook page, YEAH!, and until then, everything was going great. And then I noticed that my name on FaceBook was not the same as the one on my Instagram profile.

So I decided to change that and make things right. But as soon as I changed that, I realized that my new name was too long. I thought to myself, if I changed it once, I can change it again. But then at the moment of the question, if it was me that wanted to change the name, I answered no, trying to make things happen faster. WRONG!

Instagram froze my account, on my phone, on my computer and it wasn't for just a couple of hours. It took exactly 4 months and countless emails about verification that it is ME that owns the account and that it was me that made that silly mistake.

Here is what I have learned:

1. Don't mess with Mark Zuckerberg!

2. I realized that without Instagram, it is not the end of the world. First week was very hard for me, especially with the circumstances, I was only thinking about the engagement that I was losing, about all the energy and thought that I have spent on the whole Instagram thing. And suddenly it was gone. Completely gone. I felt small and insignificant. But as time went by, I realized that all other things that I have been ignoring these past years and I was able to connect more with people around me. The time that I have spent previously on Instagram I used on other things. In many ways, it was liberating.

3) That there are many people that are not my followers/admireres, but those that I consider my friends, either close or bit distant. Those are usually the ones that are genuienly worried when they don't see me on Instagram for a while. These friends are usually quick to write if everything is ok and they do it via different type of media than Instagram. So it has been great to see that my close friends pay attention to my daily life and worry when things are different #LoveYouGuys

4) I have learned that there are more Apps to get engagement. I was pleased to find out that my Snapchat grew easily to over 5k within a few weeks and my Facebook fan page got a boost from it as well. Yes, Facebook still lives. It might be an older App, maybe without glitter and fame, but FB is still as solid as it comes. I recommend highly to keep on connecting FB with your other accounts and use it wisely.

Another way that I have been in contact with others via online has been Google Maps. Yes, Google Maps! My visits, reviews and opinions, along with photos has been wanted and searched and highly appreciated. I reached Level 7 of the Local Guide and my reviews help millions of people.

Este blog sigue vivo también, it has as many as 350 visits each week and I also have some fans on my Tiktok. And we all know that YouTube is another way to get engagement and the real moneymaker. (My next move, BTW!)

Overall, I have had good and bad experiences in social media. It has never been black and white, there are always people searching and hunting for something generic, not real, even fake. And there are also many people, who use social media to learn, to improve their lifestyle and connect with others in a meaningful way.

So I hope that in today's world, which is full of people that "hate" or "have to have an opinion about something that they have zero knowledge about", there are still many that will share positive thoughts, encouraging stories and more love overall, which is always needed. We have to understand more and judge less!

That is why it is so good to have the ability to share my thoughts and maybe influence some people through these social media, where I am able to experiment, to try new things. I am very happy to be back!

PS. I have recovery my insta name again @keilleylee geel free to follow me!! xoxo

Keiilley Lee Marques

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