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New season, New city, New home!!

Sometimes, we are so keen on making plans, short term, or long term, and we don’t realize that so often, life makes plans for us. Or in other words, we are just reacting to the situations that we are thrown into.

Right now, I am in the middle of adjustment to our “new home” that is surprisingly not located with the borders of the United States, as we planned. Instead, I am in Brno, Czech Republic, trying to figure so many different things, regarding my kids, school, getting settled and thousands of other things to be taken care of. Luckily, I am equipped with the basics of the language (for those who know little bit about the local tongue, IT AIN’T NO JOKE), so this transition is not as hard as it could be.

My husband took an opportunity to come to Brno to be part of the new project, to stay active during this difficult period of time. Covid 19 pandemic has been hard on virtually everyone, and like I mentioned before, it has rearranged plans for many.

So, I am here, at the outskirts of second biggest city in Czech Republic, looking at the field of sunflowers that are almost all dead. School just started, and our kids are thrown into a brand-new environment,

almost new language. New everything. But they are great, they do not sweat it as much as we adults would.

They are young, they adopt. They look at the bright side, and maybe we should take a note, and behave like them.

I feel truly fortunate that my husband has a job, we live in a safe place and pretty much everything is taken care of. Not everyone can say that. I am sure that Brno offers more things to do, and it is not going to be only about basketball this season. I am excited to get to know this part of Czech Republic, Moravia, the land of local wines. Let’s go!

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