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The Northern Lights will take your breath away!

Updated: Dec 4, 2019

We don’t know how they are being produced but they surely amaze us. We would go to the end of the world to see it in person. We are talking about the Northern Lights, a natural phenomenon. The one that will take your breath away. Surely, you have heard about this natural wonder, and you also probably seen this magic through a video. This time I will tell you some curiosities that you may not know about the Northern Lights.

In the north of the planet the magic happens, places like Sweden, Norway, Iceland,

Greenland, Alaska, Finland and Canada are the privileged so consider any of these destinations if you want to enjoy this phenomenon.

Basically the sky is dyed in different blue-green tones, but it's more than that, those who have had the opportunity to see a Northern Lights describe it as a worthwhile experience, unique and indescribable, worth repeating at least one more time.

Enjoy a Northern Lights better with a camera, That's right, the magic of a Northern Lights is much better enjoyed through a camera and who does not take one to the vacations of his life.

It is known that the human retina is unable to detect the splendor of lights in the sky, particularly the red light of the natural phenomenon.

On the contrary, the cameras are more sensitive, just adjust it so that Capture images with high explosion and voila, you'll have the best pictures of your lifetime.

I can tell you that there are pictures of Northern Lights that exceed what the eye Human can get to catch.

The Northern Lights are produced thanks to the interaction of the particles

solar with the earth's atmosphere.

The clash of these particles with the magnetic shield of the earth attracts the poles and they release energy by penetrating into the upper atmosphere.

That whole process is what produces the beautiful and hypnotic colored lights

in the sky.

Now the colors of magic will depend on the atomic species of particles and the level of energy they release. Northern Lights with beautiful shades of greens have been observed, but also there are red and blue, even a fabulous combination of all those colors.

So if you are very lucky and you are in a place with altitudes of 100-200 km

Surely you will see a green northern lights. Red northern lights occur with oxygen emission above 200km while the blue auroras are born by the emission of particles of nitrogen at 120 km.


Enjoy the Northern Lights with all your senses When we go to a destination we have to be alert all the senses to to be able to fully enjoy each experience and if it is to see a dawn Borealis with much more reason. And is that researchers say that not only is seen, but also listen, the northern lights produce a slap-like sound and so you can perceive 70 meters from the ground level.

Don't you think it's great? The explanation is that the solar particles they discharge Light emit that sound. A complete experience for lovers of nature that are willing to appreciate the greatness of the universe.

When to travel to see a Northern Lights?

Anyway, I do not think there is someone who does not dream of seeing a northern lights, if you already You decided to remember to travel between the months of October and March.

No matter the destination you choose, you are more likely to spot this natural phenomenon during winter or what is the same December, January or the February month.

During those three months the moments of sunlight decrease and the nights are longer Organize your trip, gather your best friends and enjoy the experience of seeing a northern lights.

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