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Let’s both remember and let’s be young again!

Hello My Love:

The reason behind this letter to you is nothing more that to tell you that I love you. But also how much I crave for you.

I know that we are not going through our best period right now, I know that passion between the two can disappear over the time.

So they say, and that’s what it is going on between us. But I won’t stand and watch that our daily routine robs us from our feelings that we share and love so much...

Why won’t we recover our passion again?

Maybe you remember the times when we met each other and the way we looked at each other. Those looks we shared and gave each other, sparks in the eyes that were already searching for more… And those looks that even in the crowd, they were telling the other that we could just “do it”, anywhere, anytime. Maybe if you could remember those times and those looks again.

Let’s both remember and let’s be young again!

Do you remember when we met, there wasn’t a “safe place” for us and from us. We were like a gun powder, searching for a gun to explode.

Our bodies talked to each other and when we were in arms, I wanted to share the same skin.

It was impossible for us to just hold hands, we needed half of our bodies to be touching.

Your hands were holding my hips, and mine were holding your chest. Let’s our bodies to speak again.

We were playing, talking, touching, kissing each other, and always had your hand there…

It was a relationship of craziness, jealousy and fights, that were often solved in bed, we let our bodies do the talking.

The time has passed, we grew together, all the little gestures accumulate and create a solid relationship that we share now.

Relationship that is solid, positive and the one that I am very proud of. I found a man that let me stay myself and that always communicated and talked to me.

But my love, let me do the talking now. I miss you and I miss “us” being young…making no plans and live our days like there was no tomorrow.

I still have fantasies to fulfill with you…so what now? Take me back to that place…Let’s fall in crazy love again….Push me hard….

Let’s do that what we once did in Diagonal avenue…Let’s spend a little time in the back seat of a parked car… We will tell the police we were too love drunk to drive….We take our fantasies and make them reality because the time flies…Let’s send each other pictures and videos that get us going…We talk loud and dirty…Let’s play 2, 3, 4….The time flies without stopping and no one is warning us…

I don’t know If I can contain this hurricane I have inside but I want to reserve it just for you, my love.

I want to be your sexy lady…I want to explode together again, going back and forth until our muscles give in, with uncontrollable passion.

No one make me feel this way, let’s keep our passion alive!

To my only real love, Lubos barton!!

Always your Keilley

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