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A fascinating look inside the Cannes Film Festival 2019

Cannes is a place that delights in offering many ways to pamper itself, whether visiting the high-end boutiques, reclining on a lounger on one of the hotel's private beaches, or sipping cold rosé wine on the terrace of a restaurant.

I'm Keilley Lee Marques and this is what I most enjoyed at the Festival de Cannes 2019.

During the 2019 Cannes Film Festival there is a drastic change in the city, more people than usual even more than in summer, which makes the local police close one of the main roads.

The Croisette is one of the most monumental places appreciated by the City of Cannes, the celebrities doing this walk their own carpet, where if you could appreciate an elegant and handsome Brad Pitt or Penelope Cruz with her hairs pulled back.

Where was the Cannes 2019 festival held?

The Palace of Festivals and Congresses of Cannes is the name given to a building built in 1949. Modern multi-storey convention center where events such as the Cannes Film Festival are held. Also known as the famous Boulevard de la Croisette. Along with its luxury boutiques, hotels and the best beaches in Cannes. A list of stars pointed their super yachts in the exclusive marina of Pierre Canto.

What films stood out at Cannes 2019?

When the film festival opened, the comedy film for zombies, The Dead Do not Die, by director Jim Jarmusch, was shown with a large list of screenings that dazzled the audience.

Other notable exhibitions included A Hidden Life by Terence Malick and Pain And Glory, by Pedro Almodovar, starring Penélope Cruz.

I particularly had the opportunity to attend four films in Cannés 2019 that I loved:

1 Les Hirondelles de kaboul, short film adaptation of Yasmina's novel Khadra, follow the trail of Mohsen and Zunaira, two young people in love in a Kabul occupied by the Taliban. Together with the graphic designer Eléa Gobbé-Mévellec, she tells her story, which develops between violence, repression and hope. It was a very interesting animation film, with a plot that makes sense about the story, it has a nice message of how war can transform people so that they believe in themselves and in a better future.

2 Another film that fascinated me was Little Joe, since it uses the genre of science fiction to reflect on what it means to be human: on the instinct of survival, the desire to reproduce or the discomfort of discovering oneself separated from the community.

3 The Feme de Mon Frere is another fascinating film that I enjoyed a lot, which focuses on the desire to tell the particular dynamics of the relationship between an older brother and his little sister. A relationship with very strong links.

4 And the last one I got very fascinating waas Portrait of a Lady on Fire (French: Portrait de la jeune fille en feu) is a 2019 French historical drama film directed by Céline Sciamma. It was selected to compete for the Palme d'Or at the 2019 Cannes Film Festival. The film won the Queer Palm at Cannes, becoming the first film directed by a woman to win the award. Sciamma also won the award for Best Screenplay at Cannes. And I can tell it is deserved!!

What about the parties and fashion in Cannes 2019?

Cannes can be a film festival but, with a lot of gala events, lunches and later parties in the calendar. As an example Born in Miami in 1998, Nikki Beach is the most famous beach club brand in the world and opened its doors to big cinema events with a big party closing "Forever Young · 20 YEARS OF CELEBRATION", Nikki Beach 20th Anniversary.

The gala of the American Foundation for AIDS Research (AmFAR), is also another very important celebration, held in the emblematic mansion Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, in the vicinity of Antibes, is the most important night of the social calendar of Cannes. It is famous for its extravagant auction (a stay at Palms Springs platform by Leonardo DiCaprio was at stake in 2016), and it was the place where Diane von Furstenberg's disco catwalk show was held.

Keilley Lee Marques at Festival de Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival presented almost a fortnight of beautiful fashions, with haute couture as important as movies.

For me it was a dream come true to attend the Festival de Cannes 2019, an experience that brings you closer to the magic of cinema, to walk the red carpet where dozens of celebrities walk. I hope to return next year, so I'm very aware of my itinerary at @keilleylee on Instagram.

Until you've been to Cannes, it's hard to describe to someone the magnitude of that festival.

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