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Love at first visit! It is what you will feel to know Prague!!

Your way will begin in the historic center of the city Stare Mesto and that is when you step on its beautiful central square you will be transported to medieval times.


This is Prague, a place of charm that I invite you to meet in this special post. It is currently a tourist site for excellence so it will be full of people to at any time, we may find ourselves touring his fine but robust print.

Your second date with the city can be visiting the castles of Prague. This forced walk will seal the romance, with these monuments located on top of a hill in the district of Mala Strana. Do you like extreme selfie? Then climb to the top of the old tower Prague city hall and you will have the most amazing panoramic view of the entire world. Your eyes will be filled with such beauty, from the top of the tower you will have the privilege to observe the whole medieval center of Prague and from there plan your next walk.

Another place in this city that I love and you can't miss is the Charles Bridge Prague, no doubt a tourist icon that passes through the Vltava River and joins the Old City with Mala Strana. An imposing structure illuminated with headlights and surrounded with shocking medieval statues. It's not just crossing the bridge, the experience goes through enjoying from sight, take photos and continue towards the castle. A curious place that Prague and its tourists visit a lot is the John Wall Lennon I recommend you arrive by bicycle so you don't lose details of the city. This corner is a long wall that has been filled with graffiti with lyrics of the legendary British group The Beatles. An initiative that saw light after murder of one of its members and who gives name to the wall John Lennon.

Of course you cannot leave Prague without visiting The castle and church in the top, so that Confirm your love for the city I advise you to visit the Church of the Child Jesus. An ancient work of architecture that also in reference among Catholics who visit Prague on a pilgrimage. Prague is one of those places that you have to know, you will feel in love with the city, from every corner of each space, from the experience of walking and living it.

If you want to know more about this and other tourist destinations follow my account Instagram @keilleylee and see you in Prague!

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